Seller Snap coupon

Is it true that you know about Game Theory? Indeed, that one dependent on the investigation of numerical models of key association among objective chiefs. All things considered, Seller Snap is a repricing instrument dependent on Game Theory, what about that?

All in all, why does this hypothesis matter to a repricer? Indeed, the majority of the repricers around center around getting the Buy Box. Which isn’t terrible, BUT, imagine a scenario where you could keep the Buy Box and, simultaneously, raise your item cost to get the most benefit. That is the distinction with Seller Snap.

Seller Snap coupon


30% off for the first month

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Expired on: 08/03/2021

Seller Snap features

  • AI-Powered Repricer
  • Custom repricing strategies
  • AI Repricer
  • Win Buybox
  • Fixed price
  • Follow BuyBox
  • Follow competitor
  • Follow highest FBA
  • Follow highest FBM
  • Follow Lowest Competitor
  • Follow lowest FBA
  • Follow lowest FBM
  • Follow Lowest Multiple Competitors
  • Follow Lowest SFP
  • Follow Multiple Related ASINs
  • Follow Related ASIN
  • Recurring Price Change
  • Set to Last Purchase Price
  • Set to Max Price
  • Set to Min Price
  • Seller Analytics

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