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PickFu is an instrument to gather input in eCommerce and commercial centers like Amazon that stands separated from some other. Since it offers an alternate methodology, it’s advantageous to consider.

How could it be not the same as different other options? Essentially, it is pointed toward getting subjective data prior to placing another item into creation, a duplicate of our item sheet/posting, the photographs that we use…

It works by differentiating two other options and letting the potential interest group pick one of them and, furthermore, leave us a remark advocating their vote.

As it were, we can say that PickFu assists us with recognizing bits of knowledge and make theories.

It doesn’t actually supplant A/B tests, however it is truly valuable when it comes down to investigate the components to be tried. It functions as an earlier approval channel and gathers substantially more explicit information than the information that we might actually get by doing an open study or a structure. It goes right direct.

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PickFu Features

  • Recommended or customized questions
  • Various crowds accessible
  • Ladies
  • Hitched
  • Amazon Prime clients
  • With interest in cooking
  • Who lease their homes
  • Quality control in answers
  • Flexibility
  • Protection

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